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Step out gently and push into the ground to get things moving into the right direction

Different Clubs in Chipping

See how using different clubs can improve your chipping and reduce your number of strokes around the green

icecrEam bunkershot

Learn how to use the front edge of the club face to get the ball out of a wet bunker

Lead Heel

Practice this drill with an alignment stick for a better rotation and good vertical force!

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Center strikes- Hit it out of the right part of the face to gain distance immediately!

Is your chipping method from 1920?! Chip like a modern Pro not a old fashioned amateur!

Low N Slow- why it is not the best advice!

Posting your lead leg at impact will help you manage the face and path so you can control the ball

5 Points of the hole, a great drill I used on tour….check it out

The Stinger and how to play it! 

Pitch it like a Pro! Here are some ‘must-do’s”

Here is a way to play a really delicate downhill chip

Sync your right arm and hip to gain control of the golf ball


A ‘must-do’ in any swing

Professional putting routine- make more putts by adopting the routine of many of the greatest players!


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Check out these Swing Fixes! 

I want your swing next! 

Michael Campbell swing changes prior to shooting 63 at Tiger Woods event, Sherwood Country Club

An example of a swing fitting together better

Former England Cricket Captain Andrew Strauss utilizing

Dodgem cars meet golf! works anywhere! 

A three month rebuild

Hao Tong-Li swing change

Hao Tong-Li chipping improvement

Miriam Nagl swing changes prior to The Olympics 2016

Better sequence creating better impact conditions

A great swing change here! 

Center of pressure and pelvic motion affecting path to face relationship

How to gain pressure out of the ground!


Opening the torso is so crucial for face management

How to chip more like a Pro!