Jonathan Yarwood

Jonathan has spent his career traveling the world coaching elite players. He is one of the most successful coaches in terms of the breadth of his achievements. He has developed players from eleven years old through to tour level, been a part of creating some of the best amateur players in the US, sent numerous players to top level US Colleges on golf scholarships as well as coaching Professional winners and a Major champion. Indeed, he has five USGA Champions to his credit including a US Open winner in Michael Campbell. 

He also enjoys teaching players of every ability and has been fortunate to be recognized internationally for the quality of his instruction. He was voted a ‘Top 20 Teacher under 40’ by Golf Digest Magazine in 2006-2008 and has been voted in the ‘Top Teacher In State Rankings” for Florida for over a decade (2000-2010). He was also honoured by the UK PGA in 2011, becoming the youngest coach at the time to hold PGA Master Professional status, joining fellow elite professionals Pete Cowen, David Leadbetter and John Jacobs.

Despite all of this success, he remains grounded and humble and understands that the players are the stars of the show, often referring to himself as 'the backroom boy'; just being happy to be a small part of it all. Having said that, he has been recognized by players and peers alike for his own talents in teaching and feels he has a unique skill to "fix' swings quickly and tangibly, time and time again. Not quick band-aids, but solid well founded solutions with a long term plan. You simply cannot fluke the track record like his and his swing fixes are part of the equation.

He has also built and developed coaching academies in the UK, USA and Europe and has been an active contributor to the Golf Media in both print and broadcast for the past twenty years.This includes appearances on Sky Sports, The Golf Channel, BBC radio, various tournament interviews and broadcasts, Golf International magazine, Golf Digest Magazine, Golf Journal, Golf Monthly, Golf world to name a few.


  • "Your swing needs to be good enough to control the ball, your short game does the scoring and your mind glues it all together"

  • "You need to be a great version of yourself rather than following a method, based around your body frame, learning style and movement pattern"

  • "Golf is part science and part art. A great coach can combine both in varying ingredients at the appropriate time to suit the person"

  • "Cause and Effect diagnosis coupled with simple vocabulary to create the biggest change in the simplest way"

  • "Great teaching is not showing how much you know. It is using, how much you know without showing it"

  • "One size does not fit all', be a great version of yourself"


  • PGA Tour – David Gossett

  • European – Michael Campbell

  • LPGA Tour – Helen Dobson & Tina Fischer

  • Australasian Tour – Michael Campbell

  • Asian Tour – Harmeet Kahlon

  • Challenge Tour – Stephen Scahill



  • Top 100 Teacher- Golf Magazine (US)

  • PGA Master Professional (UK)

  • Golf Digest “Top 20 Teacher Under 4O” (2006-2008)

  • Golf Digest “Best Teacher in State Rankings – Florida” (2000-2010)

  • David Leadbetter Certified Instructor (nine years)

  • Titleist Staff Advisory Instructor

  • 2005 US Open Champion – Michael Campbell

  • 2010 US Amateur Champion – Ben An

  • 2002 US Girls Champion – Julieta Granada

  • 1999 US Amateur Champion – David Gossett

  • 1999 US Girls Champion – Aree Song

  • Totaling Five USGA Champions

  • Four Golfweek US Number One Junior players

  • A collegiate number one

  • A Golfweek ranked Male and Female junior Number One

  • Three AJGA Players of the Year

  • Thirty One AJGA All-American’s- eighteen First Team

  • Over one hundred and twenty Junior regional,national and international winners