The JYGA Difference

The JYGA Difference – Instant, Tangible Results 


Having been teaching for over twenty years, I am all too aware that many pros are using exactly the same teaching methods.  Students keen to get better are not improving at the rate they or their teachers’ would like.   End result – students get disillusioned and lose their enthusiasm for the game, teaching professionals have no opportunity to innovate and differentiate themselves from the masses, and the game of golf loses.

I set out to apply all the knowledge I had gained from my coaching experience to create the Jonathan Yarwood Golf Academy – JYGA – a coaching programme that would improve a player’s game, improve a teaching professional’s skills and make the golfing experience more enjoyable for everyone.

We do not teach just one method. Our coaches are trained in a number of ways of teaching, encouraging them to look at most swing types and teaching methods to find the merit in all. From this deep understanding they can teach in different modes too – sometimes technical, sometimes feel, dynamics, synchronisation or neutral. We aim to make what you do more efficient based on your learning style, movement pattern and body shape. We use technology but are not overly reliant on it, preferring to keep it simple and use the appropriate tools at the right time. Above all, our lessons are fun and pitched at your level. Less is more in golf and teaching.

We can fix most swings or issue in minutes using a factual, evidence based approach. Our coaching methods have instant, positive, tangible results. We know we can show you a ‘before and after’ of your swing in full motion very quickly after analysis showing major, instant improvements. Often people see the instant changes and declare that they have been trying to do that for years! These two swing images creating a more dynamic transition were taken only minutes apart.

student pic before after

Our customer service, attention to detail and after care is second to none. We keep detailed records of you, your game, every lesson you have with us, monitor your progress and encourage you to keep in touch with us. Our students often text us for advice or email their swings to us for online analysis if something isn’t feeling quite right.

The JYGA difference – our JYGA coaches want you to play better, score better and enjoy your golf. We know we can create an instant ‘before and after’ improvements to any area of your game they work on.  Contact us for more information on our JYGA or check out more of our before and after images in the Media Gallery.